Festival of Life

A unique approach to citywide evangelism

Festival of Life:
Seoul, South Korea

The purpose and vision of the Festival of Life is to present the message of Jesus Christ to an entire city by utilizing dozens of venues and involving hundreds of individual believers. This approach permeates and impacts an entire city, thus making the Festival of Life a truly unique ministry. It reaches far beyond a typical large crusade-type event that focuses primarily on one man preaching to a large crowd.

Each Festival of Life provides opportunities for hundreds of people just like you to get involved by using their gifts to impact a city with the gospel for Jesus Christ.

How To Get Involved

Your Involvement: Individuals and churches from around the world have joined the Festival of Life team. Participation is open to those who have a heart for serving and seeing the lost souls of this world hear and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All participants must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, complete an application, and have a reference from a church leader.

Prayer Support: The foundation of every Festival is prayer. Because we believe this, we covet your prayer and invite you to be a part of the team praying for the upcoming Festivals. Specific prayer requests are available prior to and during each outreach on each Festival's website.

Financial Support: The Festival of Life never takes an offering in the city where the outreach is being held. The Lord meets the financial needs of every Festival through Horizon International Ministries and donations from churches and individuals like you. If you would like to financially support this dynamic ministry, please contact us today.

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For more information about Festival of Life outreaches, including recaps of the most recent Festival in Coachella Valley, California, please visit FestivalOfLife.org.