Know God?


I don't know what has brought you to this section of our website, but I'm so glad you're here. Whether you're just curious, or you have a real desire to meet the God who made and loves you, my prayer is that today you will consider the truth of the gospel of Christ.

Knowing God isn't about being religious or going to church, or even doing good works until we think we're good enough for God. We'll never be good enough for God because we are sinners, but God was good enough to forgive us, if we'd just accept His forgiveness.

As you read through these pages, may your life be forever impacted by the truth of this good news. Our desire is that you could come to know the one who loves you so very much. Jesus actually said, "That God so loved the world." Isn't that something, God loving the world? And yet Jesus went on to say that he proved and showed his love to the world with the following words, "that He gave His only begotten Son." May you come to know that love through His Son, The Lord Jesus Christ.

Mike MacIntosh